Jamie Cone


Hi there! I'm Jamie, your go to girl for all things fashion, beauty + business! As an industry leader, I'm excited to help you in anyway I can; my philosophy is lead with love so whether it's acne, melasma, business strategy or dressing to impress, I am here for YOU!

One thing that sets me apart within the social selling space is my diversification as a business owner; I am not only an Industry Leader within social selling but I also own several other successful companies including a retail boutique, wholesale company + commercial real estate company. So I understand that diversification is key to your overall success, I also understand HOW to help YOU manage multiple businesses - work SMART, not HARD. I'm a Mama of 4 kiddos, so babes, trust me I get BUSY!

As a leader I specialize in teaching systems for network growth, sales strategies + recruiting. I host focused training pods with all levels of leadership to help you scale your businesses based on your goals.

As I business owner I have the first hand experience on how to add beauty to your brand EFFECTIVELY. If you are a business owner, let's connect! You are missing out on a literal goldmine as well as a SIMPLE way to add an additional stream of income!

Please go ahead + click around! I'm excited to connect with you + I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed! I look forward to serving you!

Xxoo, Jamie